15 Minute Trading Strategy

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To use and manage 15 minute strategy, traders should have volatile assets and trend markets otherwise manifests will always cut the deposit. To be able to perform these two main conditions, we offer to opt for trading such currency pair as EUR/JPY using “High Jump”.

To trade this particular 15 minute concept, traders need a platform from any broker where they will make trades with classic binary options and also Meta Trader 4 platform. The main goal of this platform is to serve you in technical analysis of a selected asset. All indicators and patterns are easy downloaded from the broker’s site.

Working Process

There are several indicators that are used in 15 minute concept “High Jump”, they are the following:

–  Bull and Bear – demonstrats the general trend of an asset. It also shows traders in which side trades have to be made and help filtering trades in a wrong direction;

–  bandstop – another indicator which marks quotation’s price breakthrough;

–  SEFC084 –  demonstrates simple crossing of a few periodical moving averages;

–  SEFC10 – this indicator applies quotations on the diagram;

Expiration Times

As it is clear from the name, the expiration time is 15 minutes. Yet it absolutly doesn’t mean traders are limited in their abilities and further actions. Which means that if you see that 15 minute time frame is not enough for the selcted asset, you might use other expiration parameters.

Especially since brokerage companies offer three options of expirations: 15, 30 and 45 minutes. Put in other words, you have an opportunity to select one of the above-mentioned expirations. Along with that, on average, an asset’s price needs about 15-30 minutes to pass all the distance which is needed to get the profit.


Having tested High Jump 15 minute concept, a certain statistics in terms of profitability was calculated. Correlation of winning strategies is three to one, meaning that 2 trades are winning and 1 is a loss. For instance, using options with 70% payout (the lot is $100), the income of all three trades will make $110.

In order to enlarge the income, you may use trading options with high payouts, e.g One-Touch where payout starts from 150% and finishes with 400%. As a consequence, after three trades you can receive $350.


To use this 15 minute trading strategy wisely, don’t forget to follow all the rules as well remember to stay focused and concentrated. Only in this way, unpredictable atmosphere of the market place will not prevent you from having lots of winning trades.