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Types of binary options and its payout percentage

Before describing how the binary options trading platform works, every trader should know what types of binary options trading exist as each of them has its own payout percentage. So, there are 4 types of options to trade on. They are:

  • boundary;
  • one-touch;
  • ladder;
  • high or low options;


Working with a respective and right binary options brokers, he/she should offer you all 4 types of binary option. Comparing with, for example, 2010 it was very good if a broker proposes only high or low options. Yet nevertheless, the development of new businesses and options increases with each and every day and as a consequence a broker should get with the times and be up-to-date.

Another binary options tips why to many people pay a special attention to one-touch or boundary options instead of high/low options is that the payout percentage varies from 400% to 600%. Unlike high/low options it is standard 80-90%. Though be very careful as some not respective brokers try to deceive traders as they think traders have absolutely no idea about the payout ratings and binary options trading signals. In some cases it is true as not all, especially beginning traders search for pay out percentage before trading and investing. An example of deceiving: for one-touch or boundary options the percentage should be around 400% whereas the brokers offer a standard 80%. If and when a trader doesn’t know the rules and even general information about the payout, he loses a lot of money (320% minimum).

Trading Platforms

Online trading binary options operates thanks to special platforms that are highly-developed. Usually such platforms are developed by third-parties. This trading platform is like a trading system that enable all traders both professionals and beginners to open trades on any available asset be it shares, currency pairs, stocks, commodities etc).


Such trading platforms are very easy to operate. Having chosen an asset you wish to trade on and binary options trading strategy  –  select an expiry date. As soon as you do that, the commission you will get if the prediction is right will be displayed.

Another advantage of using binary options trading platforms is the presence of charts where you are capable of seeing where the market was and as a consequence make a prediction. There is no more need to rush somewhere and search for charts. Yet maybe it would be a good idea for comparison.

Yet another plus is the possibility to see what other traders of your or higher level are up to at this same moment. You canobserve what they are trading on and what their predictions as for the market are. Perhaps you can trust their choice and do the same but that is already a matter of trading psychology.

At the end, when your trade is over, the system will automatically examine everything and finish the trade by the expiration date. For this you don’t even need to be online. Every time the trade is executed, you will get an email about its closing status.

When registering with a broker, a trader should be 100% sure and aware that a binary option broker uses this unique platform. Because only due to this exact platform, both traders and brokers will make a good cooperation which always leads to good conditions, great binary options review  and high incomes for both sides.