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№1 Binary Options Brokers

Indeed, to select the right and proper binary options broker is the most significant task when it comes to trading and investing. The right broker should have a huge range of assets to offer along with a  good payout percentage – these are 2 main points to draw attention to. Consequently it is always better to spend longer time searching but to hit the most superior broker in the world.

Reading this article you will come across detailed information concerning №1 binary options brokers who offer not only a huge number of assets to make predictions on and a high payout percentage but also who are legitimate, meaning they have an official right to offer financial services to people from any country.

When reading these paragraphs every trader will also have a possibility  to get the most superior brokers who are legitimate and propose the widest range of binary options trading services at this particular minute. Perhaps, you would even like one of them to become your broker.

All the brokers were chosen according to certain criteria, such as personal experience, trust, reputation, complaints and comments on forums.

Trade With FinpariThings to Do Before the Registration

As soon as the decision upon the trading in the stock is finally made, the second step would be to opt for the broker and binary options strategy. To do that, a careful and accurate research should be made, as usually only 1 out of 10 brokers is really worth cooperating with. Below you will come across forex binary options criteria that will definitely assist you in selecting a respective broker.


Among all the criteria a good broker must have, the first one to pay attention to should always be the question whether he/she is legitimate. There were and are cases when people dealt/deal with brokers who are frauds without even knowing it. Therefore a careful research is so needed in order to not be deceived. Even though you realize that a broker gets a lot of good reviews and high payout ratings but something is still unclear and shady about him/her then move further in searching for a real legitimate broker.

To check whether the broker is legitimate or fraud, one can ask to see the official license which is usually provided by the government agency and indicates that this person has a right to offer financial services to people. Such government agencies are: Financial Conduct Authority, Cyprus Securities and Exchnage Commmission. You can also try to use binary options robot to be sure about your decision.


Location is another not less significant criterion in the research as binary options trading is allowed but unfortunately not in all countries. For instance, countries like the USA, United Kingdom, Malta, Cyprus and all EU countries are absolutely legitimate. Yet Seychelles or British Virgin Islands can easily be illegal. Consequently, location is also the point that will let you know the truth as for the selected broker.

Range of assets

A really good broker always has a wide range of assets to offer. So after you have checked the legitimacy and location, the third point to draw attention to would be the number of offered assets. In this case there is only one rule – the more assets are available the better.

It is a well know fact that people of different social groups can try to trade. These are professionals, beginners, novice, people who just want to try their luck etc. Therefore the more assets the better, as sometimes some assets are easier to predict on than others, eminently if we are talking about currency pairs (USD/EUR etc).

Payout Percentage

The fourth point that should never be neglected but researched is the payout ratings. Of course, to get the highest revenue if the prediction is right, its payout rating should also be the highest. The minimum a trader is capable of getting is 80 per cent in compliance with the industry standard. Whenever you realize that a broker offers less, move to another broker.

When dealing with boundary or one-touch binary options, the pay out percentage should not be less than 400%. In this case the binary options broker is really the best and respective.

Some not respective brokers try to deceive traders as they think traders have absolutely no idea about the payout ratings. In some cases it is true as not all beginning traders search for information before trading and investing. A good example is the following: when dealing with one-touch or boundary options the payout percentage should be around 400% whereas the brokers offer a standard 80%. If and when the trader doesn’t know the rules and even general information about the payout percentage, he loses a lot of money.

Trading online

Online trading operates thanks to a special trading platform that is highly-developed and advanced. When registering with a broker, a trader should be 100% sure and aware that a binary option trader uses this unique platform. Due to this exact platform, both traders and brokers will make a good cooperation which always leads to good conditions and high incomes for both sides.

Trade Now With FinpariTypes of Binary Options

There exist 4 main types of options (each of then has a different pay out ratings):

  • one-touch
  • boundary
  • high and low options
  • ladder

A good binary options broker should propose all 4 types. And this fact is absolutely normal in 2016. Comparing with, for example, 2010 – it was ok for a broker to offer only high or low options. Yet the development of options is improving with each and every day, therefore brokers should be up-to-date too.

Another point why some people pay a special attention to one-touch or boundary options instead of high/low options is that the payout percentage varies from 400% to 600%. Unlike high/low options it is standard 80-90%.


When the time comes to the payment or withdrawal process, it is again extremely important to examine if there are no complains about the broker as for this issue as nobody wants their money to be stolen.

The quantity of forums that let a user write complains concerning binary options brokers are the following: ForexPeaceArmy, FXempire and BinaryOptions. By reading these forums, you can easily find out if the broker you are cheking pays out the money or not.

The best brokers

In this part you will see 2 best brokers from my point of view. These are brokers who I deal with on a daily/weekly basis and who are checked and trusted. The sites I’m going to mention below have passed all the criteria written above (location, legitimacy, payout percentage, quantity of assets etc). – speaking about the largest and most popular broker in the market nowadays then it will definitely be They have all the right to trade and offer financial services to people in all EU countries. According to many professional traders, broker is the safest and most reliable at this particular time. Therefore it is so highly advised.