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Forex Robot and Golden Boy Strategy


This tool was created in the form of Forex Advisor. According to the authors of this software, it is quite easy to use.

For those who are not familiar with the term, as the trading-stop, please note that this determined management action stop-loss orders. That is exhibited certain limits pips. Thus, after this operation, the following occurs:

  • Trading platform MetaTrader does not undertake any activities as long until you reach the specified profit. Further, the trading platform can put a stop loss order at a given distance of pips
  • There is an adjustment levels warrant trading terminal MetaTrader

Thus, trailing stop is the so-called insurance that the price will move in the wrong direction. He always follows the price and, if necessary, carries the stop-loss level in the direction of prices. Also, a trailing stop can close a bargain in a profit, even if the price will go to the turn.

Advantages of Forex Robot:

  • Automatic activation Advisor
  • Automatic operation with a warrant
  • Ability to set a step trailing stop (stop-loss movement after change of prices)

It should be noted that the installation of the software is characterized by its simplicity, set in the same way as other Forex Advisors. However, if you have not encountered such software installations for profitable forex trading online, then be sure to read instruction.

Today, you can find quite a lot of strategies and tactics that allow you to work with gold and other trading instruments and still get a good and stable income. But in this article we will talk about most suitable forex strategy.

Golden Boy forex strategy is used in line with MetaTrader4 terminal. Online trading operations can be performed during the US and European session.

To enter Forex market:

  • A trader should wait to cross the red and blue lines
  • Waiting discoloration «Slope Direction Line»

This Forex strategy profit is fixed at 20 points. It should be noted that the rules of the forex strategy is quite simple and clear, moreover, the results of this strategy are positive and productive. The strategy is based on the process of crossing the “moving average”.

In any case, before you use this strategy in real mode, it is recommended to test it with demo account in order to understand all the benefits. In addition, it will be easier to analyze the principles of the strategy and to determine the order. However Golden Boy strategy is one of the few that really show profitable results during trading process on Forex market.