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How to Make Money with the help of Indexes

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Binary Options Indexes

The market provides a great opportunity – binary options can be bought for different types of assets, be it commodities, currency pairs, stocks or even indexes. The last group (indexes) is perhaps the most unusual for the majority of traders as, for example, even Forex doesn’t offer this kind of an asset. Yet they play a very important role in multiple effective trading strategies.

Nevertheless, exactly index demonstrates the economical condition of this or that country because only it has securities of the largest companies. If some industry experiences problems, it will be immediately seen on a decrease of a share/stock index. Remember that index is just an economic factor and nothing else.

But how can one control and monitor the country’s economy in order to make money on stock indexes? And which way is the most profitable when trading through binary options?- Speaking about reliable and trusted brokers the work of which is regulated, then it can easily be IQ Option. Because, first of all, the company has very high payouts on this particular type of an asset (indexes) 78-82% and second of all it has a big number of indexes, to name just a few: S&P 500, DAX 30, FTSE 100 and many others.

Special Aspects

Index is a pretty original and unordinary asset that consists of many other trading instruments. E.g one index can include shares of the 50 largest companies in a country. All international indexes (S&P, DAX etc) have this similar principle.

As a rule, binary indexes trading doesn’t go very well with Turbo options. Traders analyze the economic situation of a country, its perspectives and potential. Yet to earn money with the help of these observations, 1-5 minutes is not enough (short-term contracts).

It would be a much better idea to have more time in order to monitor the political and economical situation in a country. When dealing with economy of the whole country, the tendencies are more positive comparing with other assets. For instance, if economic situation in US is increasing, then there is a high possibility that S&P index will grow up very soon.

There is even more simple way to evaluate the situation with indexes – you should look how the price is behaving for the last couple of months. If you see that it is jumping up and down, then it is better to leave the instrument for some time. Yet if the price has a certain movement, then it is a great variant to buy an option.


Binary indexes are a relatively new direction in trading yet with multiple advantages. Such instruments are perfect for traders who enjoy effective trading strategies with mid-term contracts, who don’t like hurrying up but carefully analyze charts, prices etc.