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How to make money on Forex?


Many experienced traders know what to do online trading in the Forex market at the time of release the most important news, statistics completely unprofitable. However, there are still some of the methods and rules that make it possible to make money on the Forex market.

news outlets ─ it goldfish for speculators and different market insiders. But to refuse to work on such days is not worth it, just need to know when and how to carry out their activities of traders.

Today, the Internet has a lot of different videos and articles, how to trade in the news release period. But, if a novice trader is faced with such a problem, the real picture may be quite different.

  1. News ─ it is only information for the trader, but not the time for action. As a rule, the time of the news is ─ indicators Forex interest of participants to data and information. News is to be used only for the purpose of determining the movement of the market in the future.
  2. It is believed that the momentum is much stronger when the Forex market is ready to support it after the release of important news. In the event that the market reacted negatively to the news, then it continues to go in a certain direction. Note, however, that the fundamental component is much more important than the emotions of participants. When emotions subside, the Forex market takes more stable starting point.
  3. To perform the operation on the market may be on the expiration of an hour after the news. It was this time quite enough to speculators closed their positions, and you deal with the situation in the market and make the right choice. After this time, the market goes into a quiet channel. It returned to their former positions or moves in a certain direction. Of course, that such a situation in the market will be able to prevent unnecessary loss of money.

As you can see, trade during the news is quite risky and unprofitable, so have patience, wait and make transactions. Follow these guidelines and increase their profits in the Forex market.