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Profitable Forex Strategy

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Strategies are plenty and multiple yet everyone wishes to find a strategy that would give minimum 10% gain to a deposit and 100% and more to the general income at the end of every month.

Such strategies do exist but they all have one minor con – all of them have a certain percentage of risk. One of the most profitable and universal Forex strategies is Forex profit parabolic.

Forex Profit Parabolic

The most profitable strategy – Forex Profit Parabolic has been introduced to the market very recently. This particular strategy can be used in any time – frames.

The first thing a trader should do is to open a chart of any currency pair and set it to the following indicators: Parabolic SAR with standard settings and three moving averages with 10, 25 and 50 periods for H1 and M15 time – frames. After all indicators were set on a chart, colours should be appointed for the moving averages: pink colour for EMA 10, yellow for EMA 25 and blue for EMA 50.

“Stop-loss Insurance”

Despite the fact that Forex Profit Parabolic is a profitable trading strategy, traders should never forget about stop-losses as exactly thanks to the risk limitations this strategy is considered and really is profitable. There are 2 ways of stop – losses:

  • Risky way – a little bit lower than EMA 50 for selling or a little bit higher than EMA 50 for purchases;
  • Conservative way – at the Parabolic SAR point – level, gradually move it to the next point if the price moves in your direction too.

Trading Special Aspects on a 1-minute time-frame

Trading with short time-frames it is possible to earn much more if closing trades when reaching a few points of profit. Having said that, continuation of the trade can be from a few minutes to one hour. For 1-minute time-frames it is needed to change periods EMA for 25, 50 and 100 respectively. In the rest of the actions, all rules as for entry points are remaining to be the same.

Before trading in real, it is recommended to test and practice this strategy with the help of a demo-account to make sure that it is exactly what you are looking for, what you need and realize that this strategy is really the one that is highly profitable on the Forex market. During the trial session, try to follow all the above-mentioned rules, tips and tricks and it will lead you to success in a financial sphere.