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Trading Signals: “Way Finders” for Beginners


Forex vs Binary Options

Trading on a Forex market began developing long time before the appearing of binary options and therefore frightened inexperienced beginners with its complexity: lots of indicators, difficult programs, charts and diagrams are pretty hard for understanding and learning etc.

With the time, binary options started gaining more and more popularity and they seemed to be easier, that’s why many traders started trying trading them. Yet even here, traders faced with theory, indicators etc which had to be learnt.

Trading strategy is the Holy Grail for every investor. Professionals develop common trading strategies, best intraday trading strategies etc as they help them not only double the income from trades but also offer their collogues to purchase such a know-how.

Based on strategies, a trader plans the whole trading process by using signals. In such a way, signals- are like “way finders” for beginners who are not yet good at the working process.

Free Trading Signals

There exists a wide range of free signals for binary options. They help novices to learn trading. These particular signals are certain foundation that serves as a beginning of strategy development/creation, which is different and unique for every trader. Step by step, beginners learn new strategies, improve their theoretical and practical skills and in the end choose the most suitable for them.

Successful traders as well as beginners use trading signals for profitable trading as they help to predict the price movement of this or that asset.

The main aim of signals is to demonstrate the high probability of a prediction as they are so-called representatives of analysis of many financial instruments. At the moment, when a considerable part of necessary figures (indicators) monitors the market changes (increase or decrease), the signal shows traders that the probability of a prediction is high.


When using signals, one should learn a lot of nuances starting from asset volatility (how fast the price changes) and finishing with the influence of economic and financial news on the market and consequently the price. For example, using the best Euro/USD trading strategy, you might mention that this pair has a high volatility, meaning that you shouldn’t make long-term bet even if the signal shows the same figures in all time-frames.

To conclude, it is always important to monitor and watch how trading signals work including their reaction on political and economical situation.