What are your risks?


This classic question most of us ask ourselves every day in a variety of contexts. It boils down to this: What I can do and how much I can invest? In the discussion of risk capital to trade options, we must be aware that these options are one of the many mechanisms of investment.

Risk and cash

The first lesson for the young or experienced investors to diversify. We learn as small children when we are taught not to put all your eggs in one basket.

As such, the decision about our entry into binary options will have to take into account other investment vehicles available on the market.

Our general attitude to invest will also be a factor to answer this question. If we want to reduce the risk, trading options online can be much better than buying the underlying assets.

We ourselves know how much we have free cash. Even if we can sleep peacefully with such a situation, we know how we feel if we run out of a large part of our money.

There are people who literally can afford only the amount of $ 100 to invest in options, maybe less. This happens when, for instance. You pay for rental housing, installment credit and insurance and other daily expenses and you need to save for the future.

Many people who have never invested in financial instruments, and now they want to act in binary options, they can see that they can do without the luxuries that previously considered necessary. They can be clothes, entertainment, TV, vacation, private car and others.

Financial advisors take into account all your financial assets before they advise you the amount you need to invest. With this fund can decide how much will be invested in what instrument – options are only one element.

All professional advisers recommend to watch your expenses for a period of time. They use words ,, expenses “than the cost ,,” because many of the costs is regular and does not easily give them up. Expenditure is the money spent, time may be wasted in the context of your desire to invest and build something bigger.

When you monitor spending, it is best to keep a diary of all these expenses. It is also good to keep all receipts. At the end of the period you sum up your profit from all sources and evaluate this expenditure. The remaining difference is the amount that you can invest.


No one can say for sure how much you should put in your trading portfolio. However, there are a few rules that should follow.

Never invest money that you can not afford to lose. It comes down to one of the biggest advantages of virtual options, that is, from you can invest up to 5 dollars.

Diversifies. We mentioned it already. It is a cardinal principle of all investment plans. Options Virtual is a great tool – you can invest in stocks, currencies, commodities, indices, debt instruments without the need to invest large amounts of money.

Do you want to live well now or in the future. This question is related to how much money you waste on luxuries ,, “from which you can cancel or those which can not.

And finally, the purpose of investing is to multiply the money to the money work for you. Investing should be a long-term process, even if concrete actions are short. You need a lot of patience to see how to multiply money.